What About Mitt Romney?

I haven’t spent much time writing about the current election cycle. That doesn’t mean that I’m not watching it with interest, it just means that I didn’t have much from the Lord to share. However, after one of the debates, I asked the Lord for an outline of the Republican Primary contest. Since then, he has given me dreams about three of the candidates or former candidates. This article is about one of those dreams, and provides a bit of insight on Mitt Romney.

In the dream, I was having a conversation with Mitt Romney. We were discussing the fact that he was giving a donation to an institution of some type; it felt like a college or university. The institution was going to use the money to put up a statue. They wanted to put the statue on one end of the campus away from the main road. Mitt told me that it was a terrible location because it didn’t have enough visibility. He thought that there was a far better location near the main road completely on the other side of the campus. Then he told me that you had to help people to whom you were giving money, so he tied the donation to the fact that the statue had to be placed in the location he knew to be best.

Honestly, I awoke from this dream/encounter feeling very good about Mitt Romney as a person. One of the accusations against him is that he appears insincere or artificial. While I was speaking with him I was struck by how genuine he was, and how much he really wanted to help people. In fact, I was aware that he would be pleased to put someone like me in charge of his charitable giving arm so that it would run even more effectively.

All in all, this was a very positive dream, except for that one point about tying the donation to a particular location. Those who do not like big government recognize the tactic. Federal funds always come with strings attached. Mitt truly desired to help people, in fact he told me that when you gave people money you were obligated to help them make the right choices. The strings he attached to his donation were designed to motivate the people to make the right choices.

All this really means, is that the Tea Party would not necessarily think that Mitt was their candidate. But many other Republicans will not have an issue with this. The federal government, under both Republican and Democratic administrations, has always used funds this way. Those who are trying to shrink the government will not be excited about this, but it doesn’t make Mitt a bad person, it just makes him a part of the Republican mainstream. The fact that he wanted to put someone like me in charge of his charitable giving arm puts him in the same league with our most recent President Bush, who wanted the Church involved in meeting people’s needs through his Faith Based Giving Initiative.

Whether he is the best candidate or not, I do not know. As I wrote above, I have had three dreams of this type. None of the dreams were an endorsement of a candidate, but highlighted the candidate’s heart or circumstance. I believe that will help us as we make our decisions.

I share the dream about Newt next.


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